Pressure Cleaning


Our experienced and well trained staff can deliver the most efficient pressure cleaning service to your establishment, removing years of built-up dirt and grime to any surface returning it to its original state. From 5000psi at 150 degrees, for heavy duty cleaning to low pressure delicate washing for heritage buildings, our highly trained staff are able to assess what is required to ensure the job is completed properly first time.

pressure cleaning

Before and After

The before and after difference is amazing! Some of the benefits of pressure cleaning are:

  • Pavers, concrete and other floor surfaces look as good as new!
  • Removal of moss and grime.
  • Slip hazards are minimised.
  • Less bacteria and harmful parasites.
Brisbane pressure cleaning


The use of specialised technology, such as “Turbo Heads” (see above) coupled with water heated to 150 degrees, gives an amazing result without the need to use heavy duty, harmful chemicals. This is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning without the harsh chemicals used by many of our competitors.


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