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about us
Clean Safe is part of The SCC Group, which commenced operations in 1980. Currently employing approximately 1000 highly trained, quality personnel, The SCC Group has enjoyed consistent growth over the years and currently operates in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland, soon to be operating nationally.

Our team of professional cleaners operate around the clock undertaking ongoing and periodic cleaning services to a diverse range of government and private facilities.

As a sizable commercial cleaning organization, we are able to undertake any commercial cleaning contract, regardless of size or geographical location and as our logo suggests, we will supply a Five Star Service!

Clean Safe is a specialist periodical cleaning company, supplying support to the industry, real estate managers and facility managers, as well as, government and council bodies.
We’re aware that your needs are the number one priority and that you will always be afforded the professionalism, honesty and integrity that you deserve, “no matter how big or small the job is”.


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As we develop the market, and introduce our product to international markets, we have found that in most major events “Green Cleaning” is the norm, not the option.
We are beginning to see this trend in Australia as we jointly tender for “Green” and/or “Organic” solutions to some up and coming Major sporting events here in Australia.
The diversity of this product allows for use in the following applications just to name a few;

  1. External buildings, thoroughfares, stadiums, public areas, airports, train stations.
  2. Internals of buildings, commercial kitchens, hospitals, stain removal, grease removal, spray and wipe with AQIS approval.
  3. The product can be foamed, hi-pressure spray, spray and wipe, mopped, soaked, parts cleaner, safely rinsed to drain without environmental harm.